The Golden Fleece
Golden Fleece Image

Quality and stability, assured.

With no public fire brigades available, and a limited private firefighting service, Darling House, being one of the significant properties insured, was also one of the residential buildings that took out insurance with the Sydney Fire Insurance Company.

Each insured building in the early Dawes Point village community and across the growing city precinct wore a pressed metal plaque in public view bearing the insurance company’s name around an image of a sheep being loaded for transportation.

An original plaque (c.1844) was found during the period of restoration of the property, and Dr Shane Moran was inspired by the providence and symbolic connection to the values of his vision for Darling House itself.

Because of its historical association with security and surety, the ‘Golden Fleece’ crest, as it has come to be referred to, now takes pride of place on the historic plaque upon the front gates and features in lead light throughout Darling House, as part of its heritage.